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We are an integrated, full-service architecture and construction firm for residential and small commercial projects.

We strive to design buildings that perform efficiently and last long past ourselves in order to be utilized by future generations. We like places that are built from within a community, that have character and encourage interactions, that uplift and bring joy to the users, that build on history and help inform the future. Our projects are successful when they are a point of pride to the community they inhabit.

We exist to bring these places into reality.

We implement a Design-Build approach because of its natural efficiency, saving our clients time and money. As designers and craftsman, we believe this process ensures each project will be built well and look exceptional. We approach each project in its unique circumstances and are willing to be creative to find the best solutions.



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Residential Projects

Odell Custom Home  (Under Construction)

Odell Custom Home (Under Construction)

Bryant Custom Home  (In Design)

Bryant Custom Home (In Design)

Single-Family Infill  (In Planning)

Single-Family Infill (In Planning)

Variform Custom "Eco-Home"  (Concept)

Variform Custom "Eco-Home" (Concept)

Hughes Custom Cabin  (Under Construction)

Hughes Custom Cabin (Under Construction)

Commonwealth Custom Home  (Concept Design)

Commonwealth Custom Home (Concept Design)

Commercial Projects

The Zed (In Planning)

Liturgy  (Concept Design)

Liturgy (Concept Design)

Eastowne Courtyard (In Planning)

Modular Townhomes  (Concept Design)

Modular Townhomes (Concept Design)



As a licensed architect and contractor, Zach manages Haven Developer's Design|Build. With a variety of experience in the architecture and construction industry, he has worked on projects from single family homes to mixed-use high-rises. Zach is passionate about working alongside communities to create exceptional places to live, work, and play where each individual can flourish.


Mark has a passion for people and craft. That passion allows him to lead site operations for Haven Design|Build, carefully developing the Build team while ensuring quality in the details. With a desire to serve diverse communities all over the world, he has held a variety of roles in multiple industries and loves to learn. Mark sees a profound connection in caring for others by serving them with your hands and wants others to see the incredible value in crafting a place of refuge.


Trent believes that architecture has a responsibility to challenge the status quo and the power to fuel social, economic, and environmental change. He also has a passion for craft and is very detail-oriented. Trent completed his thesis at Auburn University's renowned design-build program, Rural Studio, where he helped to design and build a 20K Home, part of an ongoing project looking to address affordable housing in rural communities. After two years on the West Coast working on high-end residential projects, Trent has returned to the Southeast and joined the Haven team to design responsible, well-crafted projects that improve our local communities. 


Bryce serves as the Project Manager and Business Developer for Haven Developers. He is a serial social-entrepreneur, starting several companies both in the United States and Uganda. With 15+ years of construction experience, he has been a project lead on over 20 projects ranging from single family residential to a $5 million commercial project with over 150 employees. Driven by his diverse work experiences, Bryce strives to work alongside under-served individuals to build secure, productive, and hope-filled communities.


A recent graduate of the Architectural Technology program at Durham Tech, now a part time Adjunct Professor, Carmen spends the rest of her time on the team with Haven. She is a hands-on professional, results oriented, excellent communicator, and a high energy team player. With an enterprising work ethic buttressed by integrity and a passion for residential design, Carmen is at home with Haven striving towards serving communities, empowering individuals and bringing the reality of affordable housing to the world.