What is Design-Build?

Most people have confusions and questions concerning what is Raleigh Design-Build. Some say that it is a simple approach to construction, wherein a team works in coordination from start to finish to deliver otherwise difficult to achieve results.

It is assumed that when owners are actively involved with builders, engineers, architects, and estimators - amazing ideas - are born. There are creative solutions to act on, helping to minimize costs, streamline schedules, and enhance efficiencies.

Design-Build is a method of construction that provides owners with a single point of contact for the design as well as construction phases of a project. It is the single entity that has the complete accountability and contractual risk to manage all steps of a building project - from calculation, assessments, and pre-construction to architecture, engineering, construction, schematics, and post-construction.

Haven Design-Build takes care of all the contracts with companies, including material providers, equipment vendors, and subcontractors.

Design-Build Project Delivery vs. Traditional Project Delivery

The owner only has one contract with a design-build firm which takes the responsibility of communicating and coordinating with the designer, contractor, Raleigh architect and builder. They are all on the same team and work towards the outcome with unified recommendations. All strive together to find solutions when problems arise instead of pointing fingers at others and giving excuses.

In the case of traditional project delivery, owners need to manage two separate contracts. The owner has to act as a mediator between the designer and contractor. A lot of times, the owner needs to resolve conflicts between the two parties, as a result of which, cost overruns, the schedule is extended and other problems are observed.


The most popular construction methods used today are general contracting and construction management. In both these, owners have a contract with different entities for architectural design and construction.

Raleigh Design-Build brings together the expertise required for a particular project. Raleigh builders work in coordination with all other personnel involved in the project team. Everything from start to finish is managed in an orderly manner without any kind of chaos or stress. Unlike other methods, architectural design is in tandem with the construction. This ensures that there are no delays with the construction and costs are also not overshot.

Design-Build makes it easier for the team to estimate all costs and constructability of different designs. As a result, the budget is just as what was defined, the timeline is as per the schedule and the design is sound.

The Process for Design-Build

ere are five stages of the Raleigh Design-Build process:

  • Identifying a design-builder
  • Pre-construction estimation
  • Designing and architecture
  • Construction
  • Post-construction

All stages overlap each other. Since there is a single source of contact, there is an inherent efficiency. No team needs to wait for the other. All team members collaborate and work in coordination throughout the process to deliver the project as per client’s satisfaction and pre-defined timelines.

Design-Build has many unique benefits that primary construction methods do not offer. This is why 90 percent of the projects these days are design-build.