Advantages of Durham Design-Build

A lot of homeowners are unaware of the advantages of design-build over the conventional system of a general contractor and Durham architect. This is because the concept of design-build is relatively new and all of its aspects are not clearly understood.

Here are the top 6 reasons why Durham design-build is so good and the perfect choice for you:

  • Everyone is working for the same goal
  • You and the design-build team are in this together. You are collectively working to complete a successful project that meets or exceeds the client’s expectations. If challenges arise, no one is pointing fingers at the other. Everyone pulls up their socks and gets charged to work on finding appropriate solutions.

  • Absolute accountability
  • Haven Design Build is accountable for everything. This includes the responsibility of the timeline, the costs, and the result. As we design the project and also take on the task of building it, we give more attention to pricing and scheduling right from the design stage. The costs are well-managed from early on in the process - construction costs, landscaping allowances, utilities, and any other fees.

    We hear a lot of people complain about remodeling costs. These tend to be twice as much as what was quoted by the architect. We don’t accept such errors and miscalculations. Our Durham builder and architect team focuses on results, not excuses.

  • Continuity
  • When you hire a design-build team, they are involved with you right from the beginning. This improves efficiency since everything is smooth and on track. The chance for things to fall out of place and for loopholes is significantly diminished.

  • Expert Advice
  • Haven Design Build are experts in the industry. We have licensed Durham architects with formal architectural training and years of hands-on experience. They are professionals and understand pricing, sequencing, and other aspects to put buildings together. They also have professional structural engineering experience to enhance the results.

    Several architects have now started to advertise themselves as design-build operations. However, they lack field training. When you work with builders who think like architects and architects who think like builders, you’ll experience advantages. But design-build is a whole lot of commitment where professionals dedicate themselves for an entire career and not just when it is convenient. Therefore, the advantages you will experience with a design-build team are tremendous.

  • Involvement
  • Most design-build firms believe that the client wants to be actively involved in the design and construction of their home. Such participation ensures that they are satisfied with the outcome and their goals are achieved. We have also noticed that such involvement is motivating and homeowners are filled with a sense of pride about their home.

  • Professional guidance
  • There are lots of projects in which design and construction go haywire. Durham design-build ensures that design and construction are not messy or stressful. We act as strong pillars for our clients and support them throughout the process. We guide them to achieve the best outcome possible. Design-Build firms structure the system right from the beginning and refine the chaos into proper steps.